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Your vehicle’s differential takes power created by your engine then transmits it to the drive axles, which makes your wheels rotate. When making turns, your differential allows the outside wheel to rotate faster than the inside wheel where at different speeds helps your automobile improve traction also extending tire life, helping fuel economy & making your vehicle safer to drive. Hence the importance of properly maintaining your differential, which is required on all differentials.   

Differential Wear Or Failure Symptoms Include:

• Clunking heard when you accelerate or shift between drive & reverse
• High pitched howling or humming type of noise on acceleration
• A dragging sound when coasting down the road
• An abnormal noise when turning corners

Find the Right Differential Repair for Your Car

While it may not be as widely known as the brakes, the steering, the transmission, and other car systems, your car's differential has a big role to play in keeping your ride smooth and your car safe. Make sure you take care of this important gearbox with service from Quality Transmission & Auto Service, Inc.

Services for Your Vehicle's Differential Gearbox

The differential gearbox is located between the wheels of your car, making it difficult to get to without lifting equipment. But we offer affordable repairs and maintenance, including:
--Differential oil changes and lubrication
--Cleaning used oil out of axle and gears
--Reseal gaskets

We work on all models of differentials, including open, limited slip, and torque vectoring. When you're having trouble with your car's curves, make us your first call for service.

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